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34 Brilliant DIY Country/Rustic Home Decor Ideas for Porch

Every season has its joys and perks to be enjoyed thoroughly, and thus summers are all about setting ourselves free for the outdoor fun. As we stick to the fireplace in the winters, the porch area becomes the ultimate fun spot of the house in the summers. So you better make your porch summer ready so that you can have all the enjoyments there be it a fun friends gathering, happy family time or sitting alone to enjoy the fresh wind there. Decorating, furnishing, and embellishing the porch in country style is the trend as this theme hint at the serenity, calmness, and comfort. So to help you in abundance we have rounded up these heart-meltingly gorgeous, brilliant DIY country / rustic home decor ideas to make for your porch. You can sneak a peek into all these country home decor ideas and save the ones you would like to cherish in your porch and let it look all shabby chic and fun!

The three must-haves for a perfectly functional and beautiful porch are the furniture, plants or planters and the pretty lights and you can give three of these the gorgeous rustic treatment to bring the warmth of countryside in your space. You can use wood fresh or salvages, antique decorations, and soft pastels to add those desirable country effects to your porch possessions. And gladly you would find all these rustic home decor ideas and plans right here in the DIY projects along with the step by step instructions and detailed tutorial links to get your hands dirty with them so damn quickly!

DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas /DIY Country Home Decor Ideas

For DIY furniture, you can build anything, be it sitting benches, chairs or the Adirondacks with the shabby chic stain hues over them. The DIY planters can be made to look country styled with the white paint coats, rope wrapping, vertical hanging in baskets, and much more. For more intense rustic effects you can pick up the rough wooden lanterns and the chandeliers and make the porch look all country inspired to spend some quality summertime in the soft and peaceful ambiance. So click, browse and enjoy the lovely details of each of this country decor project and bring them on in your porch soon!

DIY Monogram Planter:

DIY Monogram Planter

Here is how to get your porch walls focally look classy with a touch of country style decors, the ideal solutions would be this monogram wall planter, a super smart and creative wood creation that will spruce up any porch wall amazingly!

Small built-in holdings come filled with potting soil where you can plant your favorite flowers and herbs! Thinking to clone this beautiful piece of wall art and decor? Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here remodelaholic

Front Porch Spring Tour:

Front Porch Spring Tour

Some rustic pots or vintage planters can be your next decor elements to bring a country decor vibe to your porch! Check out this sample organization of porch here; it comes with two rustic planters which are surrounded by two vintage wooden chairs creating a perfect country style look of your patio!

Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here thehambyhome

DIY Double X Porch Bench:

DIY Double X Outdoor Bench

Benches are always great to your patio, garden, and backyard to accomplish sitting space demands there! However, if you go with some distressed or vintage styled benches while meeting the sitting space demands of your patio, this will be like to kill two birds with one stone as along with being comfortable seats there, these benches will also bring a touch of rustic or country decors to your patio!

Get inspired by the given bench design that is self-made using wood, a lasting wooden patio bench with stylish double X design! Want to clone this bench? Here is how to make it theidearoom

Beautiful House Number Flower Pots:

Beautiful House Number Flower Pots

Another great idea to bring country decor to your porch area, use the stenciled and decorative pots to create a more suitable look of your patio! Here this has been done by using three black pots; each comes with a black pot saucer!

The most amazing and attractive part of the entire project is the self-adhesive number painted in gold that has been pasted on the sides of pots showing the complete home address number! Great project to clone if you need to make your porch a little farmhouse styled!

Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here timewiththea (Not Found)

 Wreath in Bucket Porch Decor:

Farmhouse Porch Decor

Check out here this alluring demonstration of country decors jazzing up a patio area! Is not it adorable? Just grab a flower wreath and put it inside the reclaimed bucket!

Now you let your wreath bucket come on a porch table, a sweet. A low-cost and quick project to give a country decor touch to your patio!

Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here houseofhawthornes

Rain Boot Porch Planter:

Rain Boots On The Porch

Have you ever thought that your old rain boots could be a great replaced to expensive porch decors? Just fill your rain boots with potting soil and start using them as porch planters, will bring a unique country decor vibe to your patio environments! An out of ordinary DIY project for beautiful patio decor! Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here twelveoaksmanor

Repurposed Hanging Garden Baskets for Porch:

Repurposed Hanging Garden Baskets

Decorative vintage styled hanging planters can be your next great option to make your porch look country styled! Here is a quick hack to craft your beautiful vintage hanging planters, just put together 2 hanging baskets face-to-face and secure them in place by wrapping the wire around the meeting surfaces!

After you get a spherical shape, spray paint it using a rust oleum metallic gold paint! The following and final step would be to fill up your painted basket planter with faux or real ivy or with any flowers you like the most!

Hang it aloft at your favorite porch area and enjoy a fantastic look of your patio! complete project details and step-by-step instructions here ribbonsandglue

Vintage Chair Porch Decor:

Vintage Chair Decor

Go for a visit to the nearby thrift store and grab the vintage styled furniture from there by paying just a little from your pocket!

Turn these old furniture pieces into fetching country style porch decors just like this green thrift store chair planter! This folding chair holds a beautiful flower planter bowl that goes very best to your porch area!

One more brilliant to give a farmhouse style touch to your patio! complete project details and step-by-step instructions here houseofhawthornes

Summer-riding with flowers and Junk:

Summer-izing with flowers and junk

Spruce up your patio using junk for a great country decor style! The rusticity of old things would give a prehistoric touch to your patio necessary for a country decor treatment!

So dive into home junk and find some exclusive retired items that can easily be repurposed for patio decors!

Here some reclaimed glass bottles and jars serve as vintage vases that have been put together on a central patio table as a centerpiece!

Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here funkyjunkinteriors

Front Porch Welcome Post:

Front Porch Welcome Post

Repurpose old wood and crumbled wooden items from the home to start using them as you next patio country-style decors! One fantastic hack is this porch welcome post, made of a repurposed hammock post that has been modified to look great! The reclaimed post comes with an accent cut profile in the top and also with a new flat bottom to stand freely in style!

After you modify your post to serve best for the purpose, the next step would hang your decors or personal signs on it!

Add a hardware hook to the top side and then hang a wooden sign on it with custom overwritten letters like “WELCOME” in this case! Another quick DIY to do for giving a country decor touch to your patio!

Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here sweetsmorgasbord

White Washed Terra Cotta Pots:

White Washed Terra Cotta Pots

Make your ordinary terracotta patio pots look pretty vintage or distressed by giving them a light coat of whitewash! The whitewash treatment will transform them into beautiful country decors!

Another great and quick hack for country style patio decors! When you paint a thin coat of whitewash, the original look of terracotta pots will still be visible through white lines, and this is the whole thing you need to do in this project!

Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here tidbits-cami

DIY Corner Porch Bench With Built-in Table:

DIY Corner Bench With Built In Table

To bring pretty vintage or farmhouse style furniture to your patio will also be a great way to give your patio a country decor touch! This can be done in multiple different ways like you can craft your beautiful vintage looking furniture at home using recycled rustic wood from home like pallets or can paint your current furniture to look distressed or rural a little!

One mind-blowing sample is here, the L-shaped patio corner bench that comes with a built-in end table!

The surfaces of the bench have been stained for a dark choco or walnut appeal while the rest of the bench is the white, pretty fantastic appeal for a country decor style! Complete bench tutorial and step-by-step instructions here remodelaholic

Rope Wrapped & Painted Porch Terra-Cotta Planters:

Rope Wrapped Painted Terra Cotta

Give your patio also a rustic glam touch using jute or rustic rope! The ideal way would make the rustic rope a part of your patio decors; you can do so in different ways! One brilliant way would be to wrap your rope around your patio pots like done here!

This ordinary patio pot transforms into pretty vintage delights that will blend in beautifully with your patio environments for a touch of country decor! Complete project details, tutorial and step-by-step instructions here housebyhoff

DIY Wood Porch Lanterns:

DIY Wood Lanterns

Make your patio look pretty vintage or country style by adding these knock-off pottery barn styled candles!

Here the candles have been showcased in rustic wooden frames that are entirely handmade! So you can easily clone this project using some old wood and your favorite candles!

Perfect country light decors for your patio! Want to duplicate these candles along with the wooden frames? Complete project tutorial and step-by-step tutorial here 100things2do

Bird Cage Floral Porch Decor:

Bird Cage Floral Decor

Make your porch look fanciful by hanging custom bird cages there full of ivy and flowers! Select the style white painted cages that will also go pretty vintage to your patio environments!

So, custom decorated birdcages can be your next option to bring a country decor vibe to your patio atmosphere!

Her is a mind-blowing birdcage sample to get inspired! Complete project details here masymasmanualidades

Drop Cloth Porch Curtains:

Drop Cloth Porch Curtains

One more creative treatment here for country style patio decors! Make beautiful drop cloth curtains for your patio for an enchanting country decor touch!

Also, use burlap to tie the curtains, and this will boost the vintage appeal of your curtain!

Grab also some curtain hoops and a curtain rod for installation of your drop cloth curtains! Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here herecomesthesunblog

DIY Scrabble Board Porch Table:


Add custom items of furniture to change any current aesthetics of your patio into custom decor style! Here is a precious homemade scrabble table added to sitting environments of a patio as a side table and it gives the mind-blowing representation of a country decor style!

Everyone can make this scrabble board porch table at home in no time just for a country cottage styled appeal of the patio! Complete project tutorial with step-by-step instructions here oneacrevintagehome

DIY Mason Jar Porch Lanterns:

Mason Jar Lanterns

Reclaim old mason jars for making amazing vintage or rustic lights that can next be at your patio as mind-blowing country-style decors!

Just clean up your glass jars, give them a stone or pebble fill then put inside your candles, pretty historical lights would be ready to go to your decorative environments! Another mind-blowing DIY to do for a country decor touch to the patio area!

Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here thehappyhousewife

DIY Easy Porch Drink Station:

DIY Drink Station

Bring soft and subdued hues to your porch along with amazing distressed woodwork, would the most beautiful way to dress up your porch into country decor style! Grab an old wooden table, paint it and then distress!

Now the most amazing part, fit an ice bucket in its top that will hold your drink bottles! Employ the built-in table shelves to organize your drink bottle supply and stock! It would be both, a low-cost drink station and a country-style decor for your porch! Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here ishouldbemoppingthefloor

Hanging Herb and Vegetable Porch Basket:

Hanging Herb And Vegetable Basket

One more amazing hack here for better representation of country decors at your patio! The idea is to install the hanging herb and vegetable baskets to your porch area!

Check out the given sample baskets which are sure to be a great inspiration for all porch lovers!

Time to decorate your porch with both modern and rustic decors! Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here hgtv

DIY Hanging Rain Gutter Porch Planters:

DIY Hanging Rain Gutter Planters

Time to think about some stylishly surprising ways to bring greenery to your porch areas! Here are the idea solutions using rain gutters, some ropes, metal brackets, and two shocks!

Slip your rain gutters onto the rope making holes in the rain gutters and secure each gutter in place by making ending knots to rope!

Finally, fill your rain gutters with potting soil and turn them into wall hanging planters! Use S-hooks and metal shelf L-brackets for safe and stylish wall hanging of porch planters! Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here makeit-loveit

DIY Homemade Adirondack Chairs:

DIY Adirondack Chairs

Next, you can go with the custom furniture furnishings that will depict best a country decor style at your porch area!

Choose the distressed wooden furniture items, rustic furniture pieces, or those of vintage style furniture articles to do so! Adding beautiful Adirondack chairs to your porch-sitting plans would also be a mind-blowing idea!

Here are beautiful light green painted and homemade wooden Adirondack chairs that are a perfect candidate to bring a country decor touch to your porch!

Want to clone these Adirondack chairs? Complete Adirondack chair tutorial with step-by-step instructions here pinkwhen

Candle And Flower Pot Centerpiece For Your Porch:

Candle And Flower Pot Centerpiece For Your Porch

Combination of light decors and natural decors would go best to add tons of focal stimulation to your porch area!

One mind-blowing idea for this is this candle and flower pot centerpiece, that will not adorn your porch space but will represent the country decor style there! One more hack to perk your patio with some handmade decors for the brilliant manifestation of country decor style!

Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here hearthandvine

Rustic Porch Chandelier DIY:

Rustic Outdoor Chandelier DIY

Duplicate this gorgeous rustic chandelier for brilliant demonstrations of country decors at your patio! Get crafty with an old tomato cage and chicken wire and make the shade of chandelier!

Next, grab a set of hanging candles and hang them on a twig vine garland! Get all inside the pre-made chicken wire cage or shade and then embellish it up with beads and metal chains! Suspend it aloft anywhere at your porch and enjoy a mesmerizing chandler that that will speak volumes for vintage, farmhouse style, country style, and rustic decors!

Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here consumercrafts

DIY Winter Small White Porch:

Winter White Porch

Here is a mind-blowing porch makeover was done to jazz up the porch for winter! Using twigs, pinecones, burlap, and rustic wood logs, amazing country style decors have been crafted that bring a fantastic appeal to the entire porch!

Simple and easy standout white porch makeover that goes for more significant impacts on the beauty of your porch!

Want to copy this project for making your porch welcoming to upcoming winter? Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here tarynwhiteaker

DIY Large Wood Porch Sign:

DIY Large Wood Sign

Focus more on walls of your porch if you are on a mission to decorate your porch for a custom style of decors! Here a wow factor has been added to the porch by mounting a grand wooden sign on a background porch wall!

This also gives an air of country decor to the entire porch area that is in requirements here! Want to know how to make this extraordinary large wood sign? Complete tutorial and instructions here christinasadventures

DIY Bucket Ladder Vertical Porch Planters:

Freshen Up Your Porch

Bring eye-catching vertical gardens to your porch made of recycled materials that will work great for more prominent statements of country decor styles to your porch here! One amazing sample is this bucket ladder vertical porch planter!

An old ladder has been painted, and then custom bucket planters have been hung to each of its step or spindle, this gives a standout vertical garden that will freshen up the entire porch!

The rusticity of this planter will also manifest the country decor style beautifully! Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here cassiebustamante

Old Milk Porch Flower Planter:

Old Milk Can And Flowers

The country decor style is all about to go with primitive, distressed, and vintage inspired stuff that brings an excellent rusticity to any space! Here old milk can have been transformed into a beautiful planter that brings fantastic visual attractiveness to the entire porch area!

This centerpiece milk can flower planter is also something you can grab for a country decor touch to your porch area! Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here tracys-trinkets-treasures

DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl Porch Decor:

DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl

Make attractive light decors for your porch at home that can also be aimed to bring country decor vibe to your porch environments! Make this very precious tabletop fire bowl, truly unique decor to make your porch look whimsical!

Grab a terracotta flower bowl and fill it up with fire glass, next put a tin can lid on the top, bring fire to a tin can lid using stereo clean burning gel! Make this fire bowl duplicated with the help of a free tutorial and step-by-step instructions given here todayscreativelife

Wire Basket Porch Side Table:

Wire Basket Side Table

Raise the aesthetic appeal of your porch with a country style piece of furniture made at home! Grab your old wire basket having a height equal to a side table!

Spray paint it in your favorite color! Now flip the basket over and top it up with a round wooden disk or board, this will result in a beautiful side table that can hold all your refreshments and centerpieces in a style while sitting at porch!

Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here theshabbycreekcottage

DIY Decorative Porch Curtains:

Porch Curtains

Another amazing decorative treatment for your porch would use the custom curtains! Colorful hanging curtains would double up the beauty of your porch area, will bring a lot of privacy to your sitting porch space and will also be great for sun protection!

So, get your favorite curtains and perk your porch space with them! Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here front-porch-ideas-and-more

Porch Garden Cabinet:

Porch Garden Cabinet

Here is something out of the ordinary to lure the number of view of your porch along with a touch of country decors! This is here a perfect wooden and chicken wire garden cabinet!

It is tall and provides multiple levels to showcase your favorite flower or herb pots! Paint this cabinet for a look that will go best with your targeted porch decors, and that’s it!

Want to know how to make this very amusing garden cabinet at home? Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here sawsonskates

DIY Vertical Plant Hanger for Porch:

DIY Vertical Plant Hanger

Do amazing things with old items at home! Here a porch area has been turning into fascinating using some scrap wood, rope, and some terracotta pots!

Grab your wooden squares and fit your terracotta pots in them! To do, you have to cut out large circles in the wooden square boards equal in size to the diameter of terracotta pots!

Drill also mini holes in all four corners of the square wooden boards to pass the rope through that will help to hang the pots up for a hanging garden!

Want to duplicate this stunning vertical plant hanger for your porch? Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here iheartnaptime

DIY Porch Hanging Herb Garden:

DIY Hanging Herb Garden

Another tremendous model of homemade porch hanging garden but this time it using the baskets! Grab a set of baskets you want to include in your hanging garden and add potting soils to all of them! Next scheme them to hang on the wall through a heavy duty rope!

Here this model comes with three basket planters beautifully tied to a rope to be in place! Another right way to create a fantastic divine appeal of your porch area along with a touch of country style decors! Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here savvysouthernbelle (Not Found)

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